Research facilitation and management for Newfoundland and Labradorís offshore industry

Research Focus Areas

Petroleum Research works with its members and stakeholders to develop research programs that guide the organization’s long term priorities and deliver value to Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore industry.  The research focus areas described below generally encompass Petroleum Research’s high level priorities. 

Research undertaken in the Health & Safety focus area aims to develop methods and technologies that reduce health and safety risks and realize increased efficiencies in Newfoundland’s offshore operational environment.

The Arctic and Harsh Environments research focus area is directed towards creating opportunities for further offshore oil and gas development, reducing operational risks and costs, and generating knowledge about environmental conditions. 

Research performed in The Environment focus area is primarily aimed at increasing the level of knowledge and  understanding of Newfoundland’s offshore environment and ecosystem, and reducing  existing and potential environmental risks. Environmental Genomics and Greenhouse Gas Reductions are two areas of sub-focus.

Petroleum Research is working with its members to develop a program that is aimed towards Maximizing Economic Recovery from Offshore Resources from existing offshore facilities and fields.  Research in asset integrity, marginal field development and life of field extension is included in this focus area.

The concept of Integrated Operations (IO) within the oil and gas industry typically refers to the evolution of processes and decision-making in order to capitalize on improved access to (better) information, enabled by advances in information and communication technologies.  The growing momentum in this focus area is underpinned by the substantial local expertise that exists in ocean technology, remote sensing, autonomous vehicles, process/change management and other subjects. 


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