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Lifeboat Launching and Clearing in Pack Ice Conditions

Lead PI: Mr. Brian Veitch
Subject Category: Health, Safety and the Environment

Start Date: Dec 2007
End Date: Dec 2009
Institution / Organization: Memorial University

Improving the state of knowledge of lifeboat launching and clearing in pack ice conditions is one of the priority research needs identified by industry stakeholders during their CAPP subcommittee process, by the Atlantic Energy Roundtable, and subsequently by the Offshore Safety Community of Interest facilitated by PRAC. This reflects the interest in the operability limitations of existing lifeboats in pack ice, as well as the recognition that, while such ice conditions do not occur frequently in the vicinity of current projects offshore Canada, it would be useful to transfer existing knowledge about lifeboat performance capabilities in ice to those industry personnel who might have occasion to operate lifeboats in ice.

This research seeks to develop best practices in launching and operating lifeboats in pack ice based on full scale lifeboat trials in ice and incorporate these practices in a training simulator to facilitate knowledge transfer.  Together at the leading edge of R&D in this area, Dr. Veitch from Memorial University is teamed with National Research Council’s Simoes-Re and VMT on this project. 

Specific, measurable outcomes of this project will include mapping the performance limits of lifeboats during launching into pack ice and clearing the installation to limits imposed by environmental conditions and structural integrity; identifying the faults that can occur during the launching and clearing process in ice; developing best practice procedures for launching lifeboats into pack ice and clearing an installation; and incorporating performance limits, faults, and best practices into a desktop and immersive simulation environment, to facilitate knowledge transfer and training.


  • Final Report [PDF]

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