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Improving the Standby Vessel’s Toolbox: Assessing the Feasibility of using a Dacon Scoop to Recover a Loaded Life Raft

Lead PI: Mr. Robert Brown
Subject Category: Health, Safety and the Environment

End Date: Nov 2009
Institution / Organization: Memorial University

Considerable research effort has been placed on the process of emergency escape, evacuation, survival and rescue for maritime and offshore environments. Over the past 5 years, researchers at Memorial University’s Offshore Safety & Survival Centre (OSSC) and School of Human Kinetics and Recreation have been working with major offshore companies operating on the Grand Banks to further understand and advance the knowledge of issues relating to rescue.

Working closely with other researchers and OSSC colleagues, Mr. Brown is leading research in a direction where there is a clearly defined need for improved or more comprehensive rescue methods offshore.  This project focuses specifically on the use of a standard piece of equipment found on all offshore service and supply vessels currently servicing the Terra Nova and White Rose fields. The Dacon Scoop is intended for recovery of evacuees directly from the water in rough sea conditions but may also have application for recovering loaded life rafts.

The objectives of this project include: determining the feasibility and safety of using a Dacon Scoop to recover a loaded 25 person life raft using existing equipment on Terra Nova and White Rose standby vessels; depending on the research outcomes, developing and recommending a set of procedures to be followed for optimal safety of survivors and crew in a real rescue operation using the Dacon Scoop to recover a loaded life raft; and analysing  the feasibility of regular conduct drills using the Dacon Scoop to recover loaded life rafts as part of the annual standby vessel performance verification trials.

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