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Prototype Survival Craft Training Simulator

Lead PI: Dr. Anthony Patterson
Subject Category: Health, Safety and the Environment

Start Date: Jan 2003
End Date: Mar 2005
Institution / Organization: Dalhousie University

In April 2003, members of Memorial University (MUN), the Centre for Marine Simulation at Marine Institute (MI) and the working team, under the direction of Capt. Anthony Patterson, were able to create a technology complete with a mockup of the lifeboat, models of lifeboat motion, detailed graphical models, a 270? projection system and an instructor station. 

The project team used this proof of concept phase to overcome several major technical hurdles, providing a significant starting point for the development of a commercial prototype.  The next step was to bring the technology to a finalized engineering prototype that had the required level of realism to provide effective training.  The technology provides a backbone of software, hardware, and training that as been turned into a tool that is being used to save lives.  This simulation based trainer can be used to perform lifeboat launching training in environments considered too dangerous for live boat training, such as severe wave environments, equipment fault introductions, and reduced visibility.

The project’s goal was to deliver a fully immersive training simulator to the Offshore Safety and Survival Centre (OSSC), to enhance the training available to lifeboat operators and improve the overall safety of offshore operations.


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