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Offshore evacuation performance in extreme weather

Lead PI: Dr. Brian Veitch
Subject Category: Health, Safety and the Environment

Start Date: Jul 2001
End Date: Jul 2003
Institution / Organization: Memorial University

Emergency evacuation by lifeboat is a standard part of response planning for every offshore and marine installation in the world.  The primary goal of this Petroleum Research funded project was to evaluate lifeboat evacuation systems as a function of various weather conditions, and to quantify system performance and operational boundaries. 

Based on advice from industry and regulators, Dr. Brian Veitch and Dr. Antonio Simoes Ré of the Institute for Ocean Technology in Newfoundland investigated the performance capabilities of conventional lifeboat evacuation systems in rough weather using scale model experiments. The results provide practical guidance on the clearance required for safe launching in a range of weather conditions, and form one of the most comprehensive knowledge bases concerning marine evacuation systems in the world.

Their work now incorporates engineering performance evaluation and modeling, human factors and survivability assessment and training requirements. The team has since gone on to build a successful research program, securing close to $2 million for investigations of conventional and modified life boat systems, free fall systems, life rafts and slide and chute evacuation systems.


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  • Reference publications
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