Research facilitation and management for Newfoundland and Labrador's offshore industry

Offshore Oil and Gas Approvals in Atlantic Canada

Project: Regulatory Roadmap Project
Project Type: Contract Research
Subject Category: Other

End Date: Sept 2004
Institution / Organization: Erlandson Consulting Inc. & Petroleum Research NL

The recent surge in oil and gas exploration and development in Atlantic Canada, particularly offshore Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, placed new focus on regulatory decision-making procedures and mechanisms.

Since the commencement of offshore production in 1992, many regulatory processes have been tested for the first time. A comprehensive guide to regulatory procedures did not previously exist to aid interested parties to clearly understand all parts of the regulatory system and their functions.

The purpose of the guides was to describe the regulatory process used to assess and approve applications for oil and gas industry activities in the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia offshore areas. They are intended for use by operators, regulators and members of the public who are interested in the regulatory processes governing the oil and gas industry in the offshore area.

Significant industry interest, coupled with new legislation and changing regulatory responsibilities, prompted the preparation of these jointly-sponsored publications. The guides lay out the regulatory procedures and requirements throughout the life cycle of oil and gas developments in upstream or exploration and production activities undertaken in the offshore area


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