Research facilitation and management for Newfoundland and Labrador's offshore industry

Influence Analysis of Policy Network Actors on the Decision to Extend the Moratorium on Oil and Gas in the Georges Bank

Lead PI: Dr. Lucia Fanning
Subject Category: Other

Start Date: Jul 2002
End Date: Jul 2003
Institution / Organization: Dalhousie University

The recognition of oil and gas as a significant growth industry in Atlantic Canada is reflected in the increasing offering and subsequent bidding for exploration licenses in the offshore area of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  This research by Dr. Lucia Fanning, Dalhousie University, has been designed to enhance efforts aimed at policy clarity and predictability and improving policy level decision-making.

The main objectives were to understand how influence has been exerted by key policy actors on the decision to extend the Georges Bank oil and gas moratorium to 2012, and to facilitate policy-orientated learning among key actors who influence the decision-making process. Qualitative and quantitative data were collected and analyzed from key policy actors in the Georges Bank moratorium debate, using both archival sources and in-person interviews. This knowledge was then used to understand when and why actors might clash and modify positions on specific issues, so as to reduce the ad hoc nature of decision-making associated with policies, plans and projects relating to offshore oil and gas development in Atlantic Canada.

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