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Labour Demand Model

Subject Category: Other

End Date: Oct 2002
Institution / Organization: Memorial University, Canmac Economics Ltd & Indeva Energy Consultants

The labour demand model, an interactive HR planning tool, provides its users with an indication of the demand for various occupations needed to support the offshore petroleum industry. Users can develop their own scenarios, reflecting their view of future exploration, development and production activity. Users can  also select from among five pre-determined scenarios included in the model. These scenarios can range from pessimistic (no further discoveries or production beyond Tier II of Sable) to optimistic (higher than expected reserves and higher market prices).

The project also involved a literature review to identify and build on past studies related to offshore human resource issues, including competency models for the offshore. The review gathered information on best practices from other jurisdictions involving human resource planning, education and training, skills development and competency models. Finally, it ensured that the data included in this model was representative of labour requirements that could be expected in Nova Scotia from technologies used in the future, based on experience from the United Kingdom.

The team who developed the model consists of Indeva Energy Consultants from the UK, Canmac Economics Ltd of Halifax, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Dalhousie University's Engineering Faculty. Several organizations composed the steering committee that guided the project, including: ACOA, Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation, EnCana, the Nova Scotia Departments of Energy and Economic Development, HRDC, the Nova Scotia Community College, Dalhousie's Engineering Faculty, the University College of Cape Breton and Petroleum Research Atlantic Canada.


  • Labour Demand Model - Final Report [PDF]
  • Labour Demand Model - Interactive Planning Tool [XLS]
  • Labour Demand Model - User Manual [DOC]
  • Ocean Resources Magazine Article [PDF]

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