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Membrane Contactor for Offshore Gas Treatment

Organization: Dr. Kelly Hawboldt (Memorial Universtiy)
Subject Category: Health, Safety & The Environment

Start date: June 2010
End date: May 2012

The overall goal of this project is to build a membrane module to test, verify and optimize the membrane contactor design. This research will build upon work previously done comparing traditional design contact membrane to cross flow scheme contacts. In order to propose commercial scale modules the model needs to be verified experimentally, actual mass transfer coefficients determined and compared to theory, and analysis completed of operational factors which cannot be captured in a simulation.

In 2003, Memorial initiated the first phase of the research on membranes. Several different configurations were modeled and a novel mathematical modeling approach was developed to predict performance of cross flow hollow fibre configurations compared with the contaminant gas removal efficiencies to ordinary single hollow fibre contactors. The work of this project will focus on the operating conditions and membrane properties that are difficult to capture in the model. For instance, membrane stability, with respect to the solvent and gas composition and pressure, is not considered in the model. In practice, these parameters may result in membrane swelling and/or degradation and affect the overall efficiencies.

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