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Development of a Tool for Risk Based Integrity (RBI) Assessment of Process Components

Lead PI: Dr. Faisal Khan
Subject Category:

Start Date:  Apr  2009
End Date:     Mar 2012
Institution / Organization: Memorial University

The primary objective of this project is to develop an innovative risk-based engineering tool that
facilitates asset integrity assessment and maintenance decision-making processes.

The proposed research aims at developing a new tool based on the advanced concepts of statistical risk modeling and Bayesian updating.  These concepts are yet to be implemented in new commercial tools.  Furthermore, the developed tool will have a modular format incorporating statistical risk models suitable for different applications.  The tool will be designed such that it will be easy for users to customize it for its own particular need.

The proposed research is expected to produce a risk-based inspection (RBI) tool based on probabilistic inputs as opposed to empirical inputs which rely significantly on user judgement.  The tool will also be user-friendly software which does not require any specialist knowledge by the end user.

Final Report (PDF)


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