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Development of a Time-Domain VIV Prediction and Analysis Tool

Lead PI: Dr. Wei Qiu
Subject Category:

Start Date:  June 2009
End Date:     Mar  2012
Institution / Organization: Memorial University

The objective of the proposed work is to develop a novel and user friendly Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV) numerical prediction tool for use in the offshore industry for VIV prediction and fatigue assessments of flexible marine risers.  Additionally, with this tool the research team will be able to develop strategies to reduce fatigue damage,corrosion and other damage due to clashing between adjacent risers and other equipment. 

In the proposed work, a time-domain VIV analysis tool will be developed.  It will be a significant departure from the existing tools as it would operate in the time domaine rather than the standard model approach used by existing software.  The sea trial data of a 150 m flexible riser obtained in previous projects (including the Deepstar JIP, and NSERC/NRC / Petroleum Research sponsorerd project) and other experimental data will be used to validate the new numerical model proposed in this project.  The fatigue performance of deep-water risers subject to VIV will be evaluated.

The project will expand our experimental expertise, numerial modeling capability and facilities to confidently address the issues related to deep-water riser design.  The success of this project will place the Atlantic Canadian community at the leading edge of this work internationally. 

The proposed tool improves upon existing techniques by creating new algorithms to maximize the use of a wide range of available experimental data that will aid in better prediction and analysis of VIV impact.

Final Report (PDF)


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