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Improving Ice Management Capabilities for Operations in Arctic and Harsh Environments

Subject Category: Arctic and Harsh Environments

Start Date: 2010
End Date: Ongoing
Institution/Organization: Various

Ice management is a critical consideration when operating in sea ice and iceberg-prone environments from both an operational and a design perspective. A fully integrated ice management strategy involves a number of key inter-related components including ice detection and monitoring, drift forecasting, threat analysis, tactical operations (iceberg deflection and icebreaking) and operational procedures and protocols to reduce the likelihood of suspension of operations or disconnection.

Petroleum Research has established a multi-year Ice Management Program (IMP) aimed at the development of improved ice management capabilities for operations in arctic and harsh environments. This vision, strategy and overall scope of this program was developed with input from industry members and other stakeholders through a series of workshops and a gap analysis conducted in 2010-11.

A high-level roadmap was developed that provides the basis for the joint industry projects in the Ice Management Program.  This program has continued to evolve as new needs are identified and business drivers of industry funders change.

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