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Development of Advanced Acoustic Instrumentation for Deep Sea Imaging and Sensing in Arctic and Harsh Environments

Lead PI: Dr. David Shea
Subject Category: Arctic and Harsh Environments

Start Date: 2013
End Date:   2015
Institution / Organization: Kraken Sonar Systems Inc

This project is to develop and demonstrate a high resolution acoustic sensor for 3D seabed survey and underside ice profiling with area coverage rate that greatly exceeds currently available technologies such as sidescan and multi‐beam sonar.

The rationale for this development is that a high coverage rate will minimize the time required to survey a given area, thereby reducing the cost of the survey and the risk for personnel exposed to harsh environmental conditions. High resolution imagery and topography are useful for seabed exploration, infrastructure survey, characterization of ice thickness and composition, and potentially for detecting oil spills either on the seabed or at the ice/seawater interface. 

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