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Integrated Operations

The concept of Integrated Operations (IO) within the oil and gas industry typically refers to the evolution of processes and decision-making in order to capitalize on improved access to (better) information, enabled by advances in information and communication technologies.  The growing momentum in this relatively new focus area is underpinned by the substantial local expertise that already exists in ocean/subsea technology, remote sensing, autonomous vehicles, business process/change management and other subject areas.  Petroleum Research, through its ongoing road-mapping and program development efforts, is aiming to create opportunities to increase understanding, capacity and capability in integrated operations research.

Petroleum Research has recently begun the process of working with its members and other stakeholders to develop a roadmap that will guide our future activities in this area.  Key aspects of this initiative include:

  • The growth of Newfoundland & Labrador competencies and innovation capacity;
  • The development, adoption and use of IO concepts within existing and future offshore production operations; and,
  • The maximization of industry impacts and economic benefits from IO R&D investments.

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