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Identification of Vortex Induced Vibration Response for Deepwater Risers

Lead PI: Dr. Wei Qiu
Subject Category: Other

Start Date: July 2004
End Date: Nov 2008
Institution / Organization: Memorial University

The primary objective of the project is to enhance the development of a robust and effective non-destructive vibration based (sensor free for onshore applications and piesoelectric assisted for offshore applications) damage detection technique to monitor and inspect onshore and offshore infrastructures; with a particular emphasis on pipe joints subject to corrosion, fatigue and other sources of potential failure.

The research team plans to use relatively inexpensive sensors (such as piezoelectric ceramic sensors or versatile sensing tools such as laser Doppler vibrometers (LDVs)) to collect the vibration signature of the system, along with a simple and proven signal processing method.  For offshore applications, the vibration data would be collected with a single inexpensive piezoelectric sensor mounted onto a joint.

The proposed work builds on a recently completed Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) project that has developed the methodology and proven its robustness under computational and theoretical assessments, principally for onshore use.  For this project, to test validation for (susbsea) offshore applications, one of the critical next steps is to investigate and test the technology on pipes underwater, both in the lab and field.

The novelty of the proposed technique is its energy based ‘Damage Index’ by which the level of damage is determined.  The technique will be low cost, require little skill to operate, and will detect damage on structural joints, with special emphasis on welded pipe joints.

A patent application has already been filed on the initial technology methodology.  Following the validation testing and advancements made through the proposed project, an additional patent filing will be made to protect its intellectual property and ready the technique for commercialization / licensing opportunities to industry.


  • Final Report [PDF]

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