Research facilitation and management for Newfoundland and Labrador's offshore industry

Minimal Platforms for Marginal Fields Offshore Nova Scotia

Lead PI: Mr. Claude DesRochers
Subject Category: Other

Start Date: May 2008
End Date: Mar 2009
Institution / Organization: Martec Ltd

This $150,000 project funded by the Nova Scotia Department of Energy is designed to investigate the kinds of platforms that can be utilized to cost effectively develop hydrocarbons from fields offshore Nova Scotia, which are currently considered to be only marginally economic.  

These fields, whether known or yet to be discovered, contain volumes of oil and/or gas which are too small to justify the cost of mobilizing large offshore facilities capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of the north Atlantic.  However, by evaluating the capabilities of existing smaller platforms, and integrating new engineering designs into new platform concepts, the province will have at its disposal a matrix of infrastructure ideas that can be used to encourage exploration, development and production of smaller-reserve fields.

The overall objective of the Project is to reduce the size of a natural gas or oil discovery that is required to produce an economically viable offshore field in Nova Scotia. It is anticipated that by providing operators with the tools and relevant information to make their assessment of viability, Nova Scotia can substantially increase the amount of smaller fields that receive consideration.


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