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High-Resolution Marine Winds in the NW Atlantic

Lead PI: Dr. Will Perrie
Subject Category: Other

Start Date: Jan 2003
End Date: Dec 2005
Institution / Organization: DFO

Knowing the environment is a crucial aspect of any offshore operation. High winds can seriously impair any operation, to the point of shut-down. Wind is a complex topic with marine winds affecting ocean surface currents and waves, as well as other processes related to offshore activities.

Although it is extremely important to any offshore industry, wind was only estimated through a few scattered buoys and measurements by ships.  Dr. Will Perrie of Dalhousie University used data from the Metrological Survey of Canada to develop accurate and timely wind maps. The team's objective was to foster integration of MSC data collection with remotely sensed wind sources for optimal determination of marine winds, in order to allow all parties access to a more accurate wind forecast. 

This project produced a state-of-the-art methodology to provide high-quality, updated high-resolution wind forecasts, based on last available weather forecast winds (whether from the  MSC forecasts, or other weather forecast centres, such as US NCEP, or NHC), using data assimilation, and satellite scatterometer and SAR (synthetic aperture radar) images.  Accurate winds forecasts are very important to the offshore oil and gas industry, and are needed in order to accurately estimate environmental impacts and offshore activities, including wave model forecasts and ocean surface currents.


  • Final Report [PDF]

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